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# 一、Create channel

# 1、Select the aisle in the top navigation bar, click to create channel


# 2、Select the channel type, belong to the application, fill in the channel name, etc.


# 一、Add rule

# 1、Select the rule on the top navigation bar and click Add

  • Select the client connection event, filter the device whose Username is'ammeter' and get the connection information:
SELECT clientid, connected_at FROM "$events/client_connected" WHERE username = 'ammeter'
  • Select the client disconnection event, filter the devices whose Username is'ammeter' and get the disconnection information:
SELECT clientid, disconnected_at FROM "$events/client_disconnected" WHERE username = 'ammeter'
  • Select the message posted to the topic thing/9cc13a64f7/ammeter_001/post, and filter out the "clientid","payload","topic" fields from the message content:
SELECT clientid, payload, topic FROM "thing/9cc13a64f7/ammeter_001/post"
  • Fill in the Regular SQL and add the Responsive action
  • Select the corresponding channel
  • Note: Every time you add a channel, you need to restart the corresponding channel, that is, disable the channel and then enable it
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